Castel (or Câtel) is the largest of all the parishes in terms of area. 

It covers much of the centre of the island, plus some of the Bailiwick’s best beaches; Vazon Bay which is known for its surfing and has, in the past, been identified as the cleanest beach in Britain and Cobo Bay which is a firm favourite with locals.

The parish is home to Saumarez Park, the largest public park on the island. It has a great children’s playground, an extensive pond teaming with wildlife and home to lots of ducks and The National Trust of Guernsey's Folk and Costume Museum. The Park is also home to the North Show and Battle of Flowers which are held every August.

The parish church is called St Marie de Castel, or to use its more ancient title “Our Lady of Deliverance of the Castle”, and was first mentioned in papal documents in 1155, although it is situated on a site known for pagan worship. Indeed, a pre-Christian neolithic menhir was found under the floor in the 19th century. It now resides in the churchyard and thought to be carved to represent a female fertility symbol. 

As the above shows Castel’s landscape is incredibly varied, from seascapes to duck ponds and lots in between, there can be surprises around every corner for the inquisitive. Why not get on your bike or leave the car and go walk around the Parish, you might be surprised at what you discover.