Doyle Column (Doyle Monument)

Doyle Column, St Martin, GY4

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Doyle Column (also known as Doyle Monument) was erected in honour of Sir John Doyle, former Governor of the island, in recognition of his contribution to building a road network.

The original monument, built in 1820, was 96 feet (29 m) in height. It was built of granite and a staircase inside wound up to its summit. It had the simple inscription, "Doyle - Gratitude".

The monument was demolished by German engineers in 1944 during the Occupation when a gun battery was built close to the site and it blocked the 360 degree angle of fire, photographs showing the demolition were taken.

A second smaller monument, a granite column, was built in the same location, a small hill, at a cost of £1,400, and was completed in 1953.
In his essay L'Archipel de la Manche (The Archipelago of the [English] Channel) Victor Hugo wrote

Guernsey admires General Doyle. Guernsey has built and dedicated to her General a great column which overlooks the sea and is visible from the Casquets.