Forest is the highest parish of all Guernsey’s parishes; It rises up to about 100 m. The parish is bordered to the west by St Peter’s, to the northwest, St Saviour's, with St Andrew's to the north and, finally, to the east, St Martin's.

St Andrew's

St Andrews is the only landlocked parish of Guernsey. It shares borders with St Saviour’s, Castel, St Peter Port, Vale, St Martin’s and Forest.


Torteval is the most western of Guernsey's 10 parishes, it is also the smallest housing less than 1000 residents. It is split in two by the parish of St Pierre du Bois, with the part in the east known as Torteval. The detached peninsula to the west is called Pleinmont beyond which is only sea until you arrive in America!


Vale is the most northerly of Guernsey’s parishes and was divided by the sea at the Braye du Valle until the channel was drained in the 19th century. The parish now consists of two non-contiguous areas and is the second largest in terms of size and population.

St Peter Port

St Peter Port is the capital of Guernsey as well as one of Guernsey’s 10 parishes. In addition to being the Bailiwick’s main port it is the most populated of all the parishes.

St Martin's

St Martin is the second highest parish of the island, the highest being Forest Parish. The parish borders Saint Andrew to the northwest, Forest to the southwest, and Saint Peter Port on the northeast. Saint Martin also has a very small detachment to the west.

St Sampson's

St Sampson contains the second biggest town on the island and what is purported to be the oldest of all the parish churches. The parish is in two parts, the larger part is bordered by Vale to the north and west and St. Peter Port to the south. The second, smaller part of the parish is on the northwest coast. The northern boundary of the parish, Le Braye du Valle, used to be a tidal channel that made the northern extremity of the Island, Le Clos du Valle, a tidal island.

St Pierre du Bois

St Pierre du Bois, more commonly known as St Peter’s, is located in the southwest of the Island. It is bounded on the southwest by Torteval, on the north by St Saviour, and on the east by Forest.

St Saviour

Of the ten parishes of Guernsey, St Saviour is the most rural. It is on the west coast of the island and found between Castel and St Pierre du Bois. It is one of the largest by area but has a relatively small stretch of coastline, although it does include Perelle bay, the Richmond Headland and some of Vazon Bay – the remaining stretch belongs to Castel.