Walking Holiday Ideas

The Guernsey Bailiwick is a walkers paradise; Guernsey has over 42 miles of coastal paths which are incredibly varied - from  maritime heathland to cliff-top grasslands and coastal dunes to grasslands, all support a rich array of vegetation, with many species which are rare in the United Kingdom.

There are, of course, many paths inland which are just as varied and include Ruettes Tranquilles; roads where priority is given for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders, with a recommended speed limit of 15 mph for motor vehicles. These roads can be found in Castel, Forest, St Andrew, St Martin, St Saviour, St Sampson and Vale.

There are a number of Accredited guides to help you walk the island as well as published  self guided walks. There are two walking festivals - the Spring Walking Festival and Autumn Walking Festival - in which walkers of all abilities can take part.

If you venture to the smaller islands you will find that Alderney has over 50 miles of winding lanes and country paths; Sark, at only three miles long and one and a half miles wide has more than forty miles of coastline and Herm at 1.5 miles long and about 0.5 miles wide has around 4 miles of coastland to discover.

As a walker, you are spoilt for choice so whether you are interested in the flora of the Bailiwick and Les Vicheries Nature Reserve (Orchid Fields) is your destination or you would prefer an organised walk focussing on Guernsey's Heritage you can find it all. 

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