Castle Breakwater

St Peter Port, GY1

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Castle Breakwater links the main part of St Peter Port to Castle Cornet, and forms one arm of Guernsey’s main harbour.

The breakwater was completed in 1859 and Victor Hugo spoke of it in admiration


There is one thing of which I am certain, which is that as soon as you have finished building this fine port that I am watching growing, as it were, beneath my window, once the railway from Paris to Cherbourg is completed, Jersey’s prosperity will pass to here, and Guernsey will be able in its turn to look at Jersey from the height of its greatness.'

Victor Hugo’s opinion on Guernsey, from a speech given at a dinner in his house, July 26, 1856 [From the original French]

Hugo's son Charles took the photograph below, The Castle Emplacement under construction, c 1856