La Gran'mère du Chimquière

St Martin's Church, La Grande Rue, St Martin’s, GY4 6RR

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La Gran'mère du Chimquière, the Grandmother of the Cemetery, is a Neolithic statue that can be found at the gate of the St Martin parish church.

Shaped into a female figure, this standing stone was probably carved in two phases with the later decoration including a face in a frame of curled hair. The original position of the stone is unknown. At one time it stood within the church grounds but was later moved outside the gates. It is believed to date from the Late Neolithic or Early Bronze Age c.2500-1800BC.


Facilities & Amenities

  • Parking - spaces available at St Martin’s Community Centre. parking outside the church is reserved for disabled access.
  • On bus routes - 81, 92, 94, 95
  • Perry's Guide - 30D1