Cambridge Park

Amherst, St Peter Port, GY1 2DL

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Originally called L'Hyvreuse, the areas was later renamed following a visit from the Duke of Cambridge. It is a recreational park located on the outskirts of St Peter Port. Provides several playing fields and features Churchill Avenue - a picturesque tree lined pedestrian avenue which, in autumn, is a riot of gold and brown.

The park also houses a stone plaque commemorating the last duel fought in the island in 1795, between Major Byng and James Taylor.

In L'archipel Victor Hugo wrote:

"L'Hyvreuse is a wooded lawn comparable to the finest plots of teh Champs-Elysees in Paris, with sea-views thrown in."

He also refers to the park in Toilers of the Sea 

"There was not a pedestrian at the "L'Hyvreuse", which is known in these days, nobody knows why, as Cambridge Park. " (Toilers III/ii/1)

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