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Parking in Guernsey

All public parking in Guernsey is FREE. However, at car parks marked DISC ZONE you must use a Parking Clock to indicate your time of arrival. It is an offence to set a parking clock at an incorrect time of arrival, to fail to set your clock, to reset your clock without moving your vehicle, or to overstay the time limit of that zone.

Disc Zones

The time limit for that particular place starts from the time you parked your vehicle. You must set your parking clock at the time you arrive, to fail to set your clock at the correct time or re-set your clock without moving your vehicle is an offence for which you could be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

You must not park for longer than the specified period for that parking place unless that period ends after 6pm, in which case you may park until 8am the following morning - i.e. park in a 2 hour park at 7am, set your clock for 07.00, and move by 9am as the 2 hour period ends after 8am. Park in the same place at 5pm, set you clock for 17.00 and you can stay until 8am because the period ends after 6pm. Having left a disc-parking zone you must not park within the same zone for 30 minutes.

Parking Clocks

Parking Clocks can be bought from the Environment Department's office, the Guernsey Information Centre, the Police Station, garages, and various retail outlets.

Sundays And Bank Holidays

Parking time is not limited on Sundays or Bank Holidays. Therefore, if your time limit period ends after 6pm on the Saturday you can remain parked until 8am on the following Monday morning, or in the case of a Bank Holiday you do not have to move your vehicle until 8am on the Tuesday morning.

Parking For Motorcycles

Motorcycles cannot be parked in a disc parking zone. They can however park in approved parking areas (23-hour parking) or any designated motorcycle park for a period not exceeding 23 hours.


Disabled Parking

The States of Guernsey operate a Blue Badge Scheme for people who are severely mobility impaired, are registered blind or claim severe disability allowance. The badge permits a vehicle driven by or carrying a blue badge holder to park for up to two hours in half-hour and one-hour disc parking spaces, and to use special accessible parking spaces marked with the internationally recognised wheelchair symbol and parking signs.

Most accessible parking spaces are not time restricted, however some are, so it is important to check parking signage. 

Small Car Parking

A relatively recent introduction to Guernsey is parking areas for 'small' cars. These are cars that are less than 3.6 metres long. Small car parking spaces can be found at Salerie Corner, North Beach, Albert Pier, Crown Pier, Cornet Street and Candie Road