Guernésiais is the language of Guernsey.  Pronounced 'JEHR-nehz-yay', it is also known as 'Guernsey French' or 'patois'.  It is a form of Norman French, which evolved from the Vulgar Latin spoken in the region when it was part of the Roman Empire. Many different regional languages evolved in France before the modern 'standard' French was agreed. One of these languages was Norman, and was spoken in the islands a thousand years ago when we were ruled by the Dukes of Normandy.

Some Guernsey place names, with their pronunciations and their meanings can be found below;

Place Names Pronunciation
 Hanois Hanwah
Moulin Huet Moolin wet
Grand Havre Grand Harvre
Saumarez/ Sausmarez Saumeray
Petit Bot Petty Bo
Castel/ Catel Cartel
Camp du Roi Com du wah
Beaucamp Bo Com
Icart Ee Car
Ruette Bray Wet Bray
Vauquiedor Voke e door

        Ville au Roi       Veal oh wah     
Pleinmont Ply mon
Choisi Swaz e
Le Gouffre Le Gooff
Vauxbelets Vo bal lay
Vazon Vah zon
Lihou Lee who
Jethou Jet who
Talbot Valley Talbo Valley
Houmet du Nord Who may do nor
Frie Baton Free Bah ton
Chouet Shu eh
Grandes Rocques Grand Rocks
L'Eree Lay ray
Port Soif Port Swoff
Rougue Huis Rouge Whee