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Guernésiais - the language of Guernsey.

Guernésiais is the language of Guernsey.  Pronounced 'JEHR-nehz-yay', it is also known as 'Guernsey French' or 'patois'.  It is a form of Norman French, which evolved from the Vulgar Latin spoken in the region when it was part of the Roman Empire. Many different regional languages evolved in France before the modern 'standard' French was agreed. One of these languages was Norman, and was spoken in the islands a thousand years ago when we were ruled by the Dukes of Normandy.

Some examples are below;

Guernésiais (Pronunciation)    


Quaï temps qu’i fait? What's the weather like? Quel temps fait-il ?
I' fait caoud ogniet It's warm today Il fait chaud aujourd'hui
Tchi qu’est vote naom? What's your name?

Formal: Comment vous appellez-vous ?
Colloquial: Comment t'appelles-tu? 
Comment tu t'appelles? /
Quel est votre nom?

Coume tchi que l’affaire va?
(kum chik la-fehr va)
How are you? 
Lit. How's business going?
Comment vont les affaires ?
Quaï heure qu'il est? What's the time? Quelle heure est-il ?
À la perchoine
(a la per-shoy-n)
See you next time Au revoir
À la prochaine
Mercie bian Thank you very much Merci beaucoup
Coll: Merci bien
chén-chin this ceci
ch'techin this one celui-ci
Lâtchiz-mé Leave me Laissez-moi