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About Victor Hugo & Hauteville House

Hauteville House, Victor Hugo’s house and work of art. Built on the heights of Saint Peter Port, Hauteville House was the residence of Victor Hugo during his exile in Guernsey and the only property of the writer. Many masterpieces were written here – Les Misérables, Toilers of the Sea, The Man Who Laughs, The Legend of the Ages, Le Théâtre en Liberté, etc. – and the house is also a work of art by its layout and décor, designed by Victor Hugo himself.

The Garden at Hauteville House

Where the oak of the United States of Europe grew. It was planted by Victor Hugo in 1870 after his return from exile to mark his continuing presence in Hauteville. Facing the sea and the Channel Islands, this place was ideal for daydreaming and reading.

Third Floor

Where Victor Hugo in his “look-out” gave free rein to his imagination in the contemplation of the sea and observation of the French coastline.

Second Floor

The oak gallery, a solemn room resembling a study and a bedroom with a Renaissance-inspired decor, evokes a man in exile. On the landing on the same floor, the library contains books that the poet chose to leave in his exile home. It offers a symbolic passage to the third floor.

First Floor

Two large lounges, red and blue, are sumptuously decorated with Chinese curios. In these rooms the writer and his family received their guests.

Ground Floor

On the right, the billiards room contains family portraits and drawings from the famous collection of “souvenirs” from his travels.