Gouliot Caves

Gouliot Caves, Sark, GY10

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The caves are open to sea on both sides of the headland allowing up to ten knots of current to surge through the network of caverns on all but the lowest of tides. The water is laden with plankton, the tiny plants and animals that form the basis of the food chain in the sea. As a result, every available surface of the caves is carpeted with marine life, much of which is normally only found in deeper water. As the tide falls the creatures are left out of the water but the shaded walls of the caves stay damp and cool enough for the animals to survive until the water returns. The result is a colourful patchwork of marine life including sponges, anemones and even some corals.

The uniqueness of the caves , along with the wealth of marine life they support and the variety of flora above, led to the Gouliot Caves being declared a Wetland of International Importance under the RAMSAR convention in 2007.

Information taken from Sark Strolls, written by Jan Guy and Sue Daly.