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Le Trepied Dolmen at Le Catioroc

La Croix Martin, St Saviours

This prehistoric passage grave with spectacular views over Perelle Bay. It was built during the Neolithic period (c.4000 - 2500BC) and was in use until the Late Bronze Age c.1000BC.

Successive burials or cremations were deposited within the chamber together with grave goods which include pottery, flint and stone tools. It became notorious during the 17th Century witch trials as a meeting place for witches’ covens where the devil, disguised as a black goat, sat enthroned on the capstone.


Facilities & Amenities
Access - up a slight slope via signposted footpath from La Croix Martin
Perry's Guide - 12D4
Parking - Public car park at Le Catioroc
On Bus Routes - 62, 91, 92