Les Vicheries Nature Reserve (Orchid Fields)

Rue des Vicheris, St Pierre Du Bois, GY8 0DS

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In the Les Vicheries lane, on Guernsey's west coast, Wild Orchids can be found a series of small meadows, 13 of which are owned, leased or managed by La Société Guernesiaise.

They are easy to see by walking down the lane, and one or two cars may be parked safely near the abreuvoir (cattle watering place) towards the south end. When in full flower (middle of May to middle of June) paths are cut around the fields so that you may easily see and photograph the flowers. 


Facilities & Amenities

  • On bus routes - 62, 91, 92
  • Parking
  • Perry's Guide - 20C3


Image kindly supplied by Debbie Townsend