Sous Les Hougues

Rue Flere, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2

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The image above features members of the Edwards family in front of Sous Les Hougues, where GB Edwards was born. His parents lived here before moving to Hawkesbury

GE Edwards' account - as reviewers note - as with much of his family history, is somewhat romanticised.

My grandfather... migrated to Guernsey at the age of 19 for the "stone rush", when the quarries of the north were opened. It was a hard life. My father...sailed and "saw the world" until he came home and married at the age of 26. He wouldn't have come home then, except that he never overcame his tendency to sea-sickness. He worked for his father, who was by now a quarry-owner, and in due course inherited the quarry and the house, Sous Les Hougues, where I was born. (Letter to Edward Chaney, Genius Friend, pp 17-18