Grande Rocques / Saline Bay

Rue de la Saline, Castel, GY5

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Saline Bay, also known as Grandes Rocques, is just north of Cobo Bay.  It has beautiful white sand and is flanked by pink granite - the northern rocks are called Grandes Rocques thus leading to the bay being known by both names. The beach is popular with families, and is good for rock pooling, swimming and snorkeling.

It is also one of the best places on the island to watch the sun set over the Atlantic. It is the incredible sun set that is featured in The Book of Ebenezer Le Page;

"The sun was going down and clouds coming from nowhere, so it seemed, as if they were hurrying for a great event. There was heavy clouds low down, and high mountains of clouds, and fluffy clouds loose in the air, and others like feathers overhead: and all the way around Vazon they were changing from white and grey to red and gold. At Albecq, the rocks were red; and from Cobo, the sun was a huge ball of fire, floating in a cave of fire, and half under the sea. I couldn't bear it. I was going to shout to Neville 'Stop, stop please: you are killing me!' when at Gran'-Rock he drew to the side of the road of his own accord and switched the engine off. 'This is too good to miss,' he said: and we sat and watched the big sun sink lower and lower, until there was only a tip showing: when suddenly it dipped under, and was gone!

'God, that's magnificent!', said Neville. I had no words but Raymond's. 'It is a glimpse of the world as God made it,' I said, 'on the first evening of the first day.' He gave me a funny look. 'I'd love to paint it!' he said. 'It can never be painted,' I said. (pp 391 -2)


Facilities & Amenities

  • West Facing Bay
  • Parking
  • Dog friendly - dogs accepted on the beach throughout the year
  • On bus routes - 41,91,92, N2
  • Close to - Cheers
  • Toilets - close to the kiosk

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