Petit Bot Tower (Tower 13)

Petit Bot Bay, St Martin, GY8

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The British built 15 Guernsey loophole towers at various points along the coast of Guernsey between August 1778 and March 1779 to deter possible French attacks after France had declared itself an ally of the Americans in the American Revolutionary War. Towards the start of the Napoleonic Wars several towers received additional reinforcement in the form of batteries at their bases. Today, 12 towers still survive, three having been destroyed at different times.  

The tower was placed at Petit Bot because Petit Bot has a sandy beach, making it one of the few potential landing places on the south coast of the island. The tower was renovated between 2011 and 2012 and the information centre on the ground floor opened in June 2012.

The tower is open to the public free of charge on a daily basis from March - October.