Fort Le Marchant

L'Ancresse Common, Vale, GY3

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A fort has stood on this site since at least 1680. At the end of the18th century, when fears of French invasion were prompting new fortifications all around Guernsey's coast, the original fortification, known as Fort L'Angle, was expanded. The work was completed in 1805 and the new fort named after the then Lieutenant Bailiff Eleazar Le Marchant. In 1854 a large barracks was built on the landward side of the fort, surrounded by a defensive ditch. The barracks have since been demolished and the ditch filled.


Facilities & Amenities

  • Access - via footpath from Le Catelain or L'Ancresse Bay car park
  • Perry's Guide - 7F1 
  • Parking - Le Catelain or L'Ancresse Bay
  • On bus routes - 11, 12, 91, 92

Image Kindly supplied by Lucy Meddle