Fort Hommet

Hommet headland, Castel, GY5

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It is recorded that in 1680 there was a fortification with one gun on this site. By 1795 however the fort had been strengthened and additional gun positions constructed. In 1801 6 guns were recorded on the headland. The Martello tower was built in 1804. In 1856 a barrack block was constructed and this housed part of the Regular Army garrison until the First World War.

Known as Stutzpunkt Rotenstein during the Occupation, bunkers were added to the site  together with a 4.7cm Casemate, four 10.5cm Casemates, two Searchlight Bunkers, a Machine Gun Turret Bunker, a M19 Automatic Mortar Bunker, a Water Supply Bunker and a Personnel Shelter.



Facilities & Amenities

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